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          Here in the USA, we often throw around the words “choice” and “freedom”.   We pride ourselves on being the most free country on earth.  Liberty and personal responsibility are our highest ideals, and we believe wholeheartedly that we succeed or fail depending on the choices we make.  But what if our “choices” aren’t really choices at all?  We are told who to vote for, what to think and how to feel about it; we’re distracted by manufactured crises and hot-button social issues that take our attention away from what really affects us.  We are often forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.  In other words, we only have the illusion of choice.

          That’s what The Illusion of Choice blog is all about.  I admit I have progressive ideals, but I keep an open mind and explore the facts about political issues in America.   This isn’t about party affiliation, it’s a place of critical thinking and open discussion. This is a place where we can take an objective look at our nation’s issues, and empower ourselves with facts.

          So, whether you are liberal, conservative, independent, or anything in between, this blog is a place where we can set aside our biases and seek the truth.  Knowledge is power.

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